• Our Team

Our team helps you live fully while also supporting your family and caregivers. Our care extends beyond the physical to encompass the spirit, and moves beyond the patient to encircle those who love them. 

Family Owned

We provide vision and support for staff and the community with 35 years of combined expertise.


The Administrator is responsible for the overall management of hospice operations inclusive of the delivery of quality care, business development activities, and monitoring the day to day activity.

Medical Directors

Our Hospice Physicians direct our patients’ care in partnership with their primary care physician. Our physicians make house calls and have experience in hospice and palliative care.

Hospice Nurses

Our nursers are expertly trained in pain control and symptom management. They provide for your specific needs and medical care management, incorporating the entire team to address mind, body, and spirit.

Certified Nursing Assistants

These compassionate individuals are highly trained and attend to your daily comfort and personal care needs. From bathing and nail care to light housekeeping and life review, our CNA’s support you and your family in the ways that bring meaning to you.

Counselors and Social Workers

Our Counselors and Social Workers offer emotional support, counseling, and access to community resources. They are also available to you and your family to help with financial assistance, legal issues, and funeral planning.

Spiritual and Bereavement Team

Offer spiritual companionship, prayer, and counseling as well as bereavement and supportive services to family members and the Missoula community.

Massage Therapists

Our Massage Therapists are expertly trained in hospice care to provide soothing relief for aching muscles and joints.

Music Thanatology

Our Music Thanatologist offers prescribed music treatment to relieve symptoms of anxiety, distress, fear, or other emotional crises during times of transition.

Office Team

Our Office Team facilitate communication between team members and in conjunction with individuals, their families, and our community partners. Always lending expertise, compassion, and resources – they make our world go around.

Theresa Noonan

Billing coordinator
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Volunteer Coordinator

Our director unites local volunteers and businesses to compliment the care provided by our interdisciplinary team.

Volunteers and Homemakers

Our Hospice-trained Volunteers and Homemakers compliment the team approach to hospice care, offering companionship, task specific duties, homemaking assistance, and community wide assistance with compassion and palliative care.

Palliatve Care

Palliative Care of Missoula is a part of Hospice of Missoula. The goal is simple-to improve your quality of life while living with serious illness. Our team of health care providers work with you to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of chronic disease in alignment with your personal preferences.